Since 05.10.2009, scanning is subject to charges, see here.


Please take notice of the tips about general handling.

Scan Size

Auto Reduce” might also be helpful, see copying,. The lid should be closed for reliable size identification. However, this way a direct control of the result is not possible. Therefore, a predefinition of the size is safer with “Scan settings” -> “Scan size”. A manually scan-size setting in millimetres is possible, but you need a ruler or the like.

Scanning of files on a USB flash drive

You’ll find a guide on how to scan files to a USB flash drive or secure digital memory card (SD card) – only machines with corresponding port - here (also for display near the machines).

According to the manual, USB flash drives and SD cards are supported. Other memory devices are (officially) incompatible and must not be connected.

The file system of the memory devices officially only supports FAT16, whereby the size is limited to 2GB or 4GB. Nevertheless some larger USB flash drives with the file system FAT32 do also function. A re-formatting with FAT32 did help once. If necessary give it a try.

Saving can fail if the USB flash drive is secured with a password or otherwise, or is ready for reboot, for example.

Of course, RICOH does not take any responsibility for data loss on USB flash drives or SD cards which have been connected to machines of RICOH.


Scan2Me - Downloading Scans

The following process (short description) should work on all Ricoh devices with card reader.

You can download the scan results with a link which sent to your e-mail address, which is stored in our library database resp. the database of the QPilot server. Please test by scanning one page, whether the following procedure works for you!

The download link works only in the subnet of the University of Kassel. You have to establish a VPN connection to the net of the University of Kassel if you want to access data from your home pc - you'll find more about that here and on the pages of the ITS. If you don't have an ITS account, please scan your pages to your own USB flash drive - see above.

To start scanning you press the key with the scanner symbol at a Ricoh device (MP C2800: at the left side of the control panel) and in the address field you choose "Scan2Me". Now you can choose the usual scanning parameters (colour, resolution, file type), at MP C2800 in the left column of the display. The following values have been pre-set, if this was possible:

  • resolution: 200 dpi
  • scan type: black and white, text/line drawing
  • file type: multipage PDF

To start the scanning process press the big green button. If it exists, you can use the sheet feeder. When you have finished your scans, please press the '#'-key in the number key pad.

A detailed description cannot be given here, as the devices are very different in use and equipment. Please follow your intuition or make use of the respective manual.

After having pressed the '#'-key the scan data will be uploaded to the QPilot server. Using your card number the system finds your e-mail address - either in our library database or for official use in the database of the QPilot server. The download link to your scan data together with a temporary password will be sent to that address.

The maximum size of the scan files is about 65 MB - for technical reasons this cannot be specified more accurately. It's impossible to state a maximum number of pages as there are too many possible options you can use and as the comlexity of the pages cannont be predicted.

For the link to work, port 9339 of host server01.printcenter.verwaltung.uni-kassel.de has to be reachable. If you get an error like "cannot connect host" probably this connection has to be allowed in your firewall.

The scan files can only be downloaded with the password that has been sent to you via e-mail. The files will be automatically deleted after seven days.

Here you'll find more about the costs.

Please make sure that your correct e-mail address is put in the correspondign database:

  • For official use you filled in a form for use of a cost unit with your e-mail address. This has been transferred to the QPilot database by the financial department of the University of Kassel. You cannot view this data by yourself, so please test the correctness by scanning one black and white page.

    If your name did change and therefore possibly your e-mail address too - e.g. by marriage or divorce - please send your new name and e-mail address to the financial department of the University of Kassel. Otherwise Scan2Me will not work for you.
  • If there is no cost center connected to your card, you are scanning from the rechargeable electronic purse on your card. Then your e-mail address is in our library database will be used. You can view and change this in your library user account.

A2 Size Scanner in Multimedia Centre - mmt

Here you can find the manual for the A2 size scanners from Zeutschel standing in the multimedia centre. If you have scanned with one of those machines and every data has been saved, you need to press the red key to finish. Only then the versatile card can be ejected from the card reader.

The use of Scan2Me is not yet possible on this machine. You can download your scan results on an USB flash drive or send them as a print job to a Ricoh photocopier.

About saving on USB flash drive:

The message on the screen that the system is still downloading data is rather inconspicuous, in the lower right-hand corner you can see the word "Schreiben" flashing in red. Please pay attention to this message and don't remove your USB flash drive before the process has been finished! In that case the data will be downloaded incompletely and faultily, but the costs will be deducted completely! Particularly, if you scan very many pages the downloading process will take a long time.

We advise you to use USB flash drives with LED. This will indicate if the downloading is still in process.