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Windows 7 (64-Bit)

For Windows 7 x64 please use this version.

For installing:

If there is a former version of QPilotClient already installed, de-install it in control panel logged in as administrator. Otherwise, residues might remain in some cases or the printers won’t be correctly removed.

After that extract the archive into an empty folder. The setup program QPilotClient-*-windows-installer.exe has to be started either by clicking the right mouse as admin or as signed in admin. It is not enough to be part of the admin group as a user.

Basically the tips in chapter Windows XP apply here, too.

Some Ricoh devices are equipped with additional components e.g. to staple or punch the paper.If these components cannot be used under Windows 7 64 bit (symbol "yellow sign with exclamation mark") they have to be installed in your Windows printer configuration.

To do that in the printer properties of both QPilot printers choose "Device Properties" and "Installable Options". In all lines you should see "Not Installed".

For printer "QPilot-Drucker PS color" for "Finisher" you have to choose "Finisher 3000", for "QPilot-Drucker PS sw" "Finisher SR3030".

Now you can print using these options.