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Where can I apply for the assignment of a cost unit?

Please use this Web-Interface. You will have to print the completed application form and get it signed from the person responsible for the respective cost unit. Send this form to the Finance department, Department of Materials Management.

As soon as your application is ready, you will be informed in the usual way.


Can I get a mere copy card or a guest card?

Non-personalized copy cards (or guest cards), required in certain offices of the University of Kassel, can be applied for by using this form. Guest cards are available from 5 € on (with 1 € minimum balance for printing or copying) at all topping-up machines.


Which data must be given for an official copy card?

  • Applicant
  • Person(s) responsible for the cost unit
  • Cost unit(s) and order numbers, from which payment for copies will be deducted

Do I need a separate card for each debit account (cost unit, order number)?

No. The card can be cleared for any number of debit accounts. After inserting the card into the card reader at the photocopier, you will be able to select the correct debit account on the display.

Which security measures are taken so that "my" cost unit is not being charged through misuse of the card (e.g. by loss)?

A database is established, in which the card number, debit account, name and E-Mail address of the card owner and of the responsible person of the cost unit is registered. If more that 500 copies are made with the same card within a week, a notification will be sent to both persons by E-Mail.

As soon as you notice, that the card is lost, the card should be blocked immediately.

Can I change the debit accounts, which are "accessed" through my card?

Yes. A deletion or addition of new debit accounts can be done anytime.