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Who is the service provider and the supplier?

The company RICOH, Hannover.

Is it possible to install a photocopier/printer in my department too?

Yes! This can be done with a form: "Antragsformular für die Kopiergeräte" der Finanzabteilung, Abt. Zentrale Materialwirtschaft:

Here, you can find the data of all machines available.

Please check, if there is a network connection at the intended installation location (Attention: Fire protection requirements!). If yes, request the activation at the ITS. If no, request the installation and activation of a network connection at the ITS. Send both kinds of requests to the IT-Servicedesk.

A location has to be changed - what has to be done?

Please check, if there is a network connection at the intended installation location (Attention: Fire protection requirements!). If yes, request the activation at the ITS. If no, request the installation and activation of a network connection at the ITS. Send both kinds of requests to the IT-Servicedesk.

What options do these machines offer?

What is "Follow-me-Printing"?

The document that is to be printed is saved on a server and can be printed from any Ricoh-machine in the network. A special Client-Software has to be installed for this on every computer.

The print job can be sent from the PC as usual, the versatile card number has to be entered. The print-out will be started by inserting the versatile card in the card reader at any photocopier/printer. More information about this here.

Can I print on both sides using the paper I have brought along?

A double-sided print-out is not possible via the manual paper feeder.

Feeding paper which is already printed on one side or slightly crumpled or rigid might cause malfunctions or damages to the paper feeder or the printing system. By warming up of already printed areas the fuser unit will be soiled unneccessarily.

That's why we strongly advise against this.

In case of wanton damage, the causer will be held responsible..

How can I stop my copy/print job?

If you want to stop a copy or print job, use the control panel as follows:

  1. Press the button with the printer symbol at th left side of the panel.
  2. On the display press
    1. "Job-Reset"
    2. [Job zurücksetzen] or [Alle Jobs rücks.]

An acknowledgement will be shown.

What about scanning to USB, Scan2Me?

At certain copying systems (Ricoh MP C2800, e.g. installed in the library) you can save scanned documents to your USB flash drive. More information about this here.

You can send scanned documents to your E-Mail address (registered in the library system) via your versatile card. More information here.

When I scan, I don't get an E-Mail with the Download-Link!

Please check, if your correct E-Mail address has been registered:

  • If you change your E-Mail address in your library user account, please reset your library pin code at the same time - you can choose the same password as before. This is necessary for technical reasons.

The first scanned page has a wrong format!

In some cases the automatic detection of the page format fails. To get the desired format, use the corresponding menu in the "scan options" to choose the format manually.

Can a "third party" view, print or delete the print job/the file?

The print job can only be printed with the versatile card whose number was entered for this print job. If e.g. the reader's card number is entered instead of the card number, nothing will happen, because the reader's card number always starts with "0", the card number starts with a number unequal to "0" (e.g. "3" or "9")

A third party cannot view the print job or delete it. All print jobs will be automatically deleted after three days. The system administrators also cannot view the jobs but they can reactivate, deactivate or delete them.

My print job displays "0 P." (=zero pages) and it is not being printed!

With the Ricoh-driver for Windows, the QPilot-Client cannot determine the number of pages and that's why it displays "0".

To print the chosen jobs, please press the checkmark button at the card reader.

How do I switch between the German and English Language?

To switch between German and English on the display, press the small button "Raute/123" in the upper left-hand corner on the control panel on MP C2800. In the upper right-hand corner on the display a button is shown with which you can switch between German and English. This should work the same way on other machines.

The machine does not do what it's supposed to do!

Please look here first, or in the list of error messages. If that doesn't help, please notify the service provider about the failure.

Where and how do I report malfunctions?

Contact the company RICOH Deutschland GmbH and specify the serial number (in front of the machine), date and time:


Central Service number:
Central Fax number:

(0511) 67424000
(0800) 7426461 (free of charge)


How long does it take to fix a malfunction?

The agreed response time for fixing a malfunction is:

  • Notification till 11:00 o'clock: repair on the same day.
  • Notification after 11:00 o'clock: repair at the latest by 13:00 on the next day.

Exception: a spare part is not in stock. In this case an alternative should be supplied. But there is a mutual agreement with the company RICOH that contractual penalties will only be applied if malfunctions occur too frequently and if there are inacceptable damages according to us.

What are the costs for official photocopies?

Costs for official photocopies (via cost unit) can be found here.

Double-sides copies will be charged as two copies.

For photocopiers and "extra" central copiers in departments, an additional rent for the chosen system has to be paid.


Under what circumstances will the card be automatically ejected from the card reader?

If the amout in the electronic purse is less than 1€ (if it is a colour printer) or 16 cents (if it is a black-and-white printer), the card will be ejected automatically.

The reason is the billing between card reader and photocopier. To be able to copy, the card reader has to activate the photocopier but does not know what will be copied. Only while copying, the card reader identifies the process and the respective amount will be withdrawn. Therefore, the card reader assumes the most expensive case before starting the process. In this case it is a double-paged, A3-size print in colour worth one Euro.

My card is not being ejected! How do I get it out?

Usually, after pressing the button with the "open door" on the card reader, the card will be ejected. The notification "Abmeldung erfolgt" (Logout finished) should be shown on the card reader.

If this does not work, switch off the photocopier by pressing the button at the front side and switch it on again.

If this still does not work, an error message is displayed, please write that message down and get in touch with the library staff. Give them your card number, so that the error message can be forwarded and examined.

In case you pull the plug - and if the correct logging off has not taken place - the minimum amount withdrawn at the time of inserting the card cannot be recharged for technical reasons. Unfortunately, this amount will be lost.

Put the plug again into the socket. If the card is still not being ejected, it has to be mechanically removed. Try to pull it out carefully by using your fingernails or a tweezer.

The library staff will be glad to help you!

When will the old photocopiers/printers be replaced?

The replacement is finished.