Buchregale in der BB 4

The departmental library 4 has approx. 165.000 volumes and approx. 300 current journals from the subject areas:

The library is responsible for literature acquisition for the following university departments:

The shelving of the books is done systematically, based on a classification system. When looking for literature about a topic, you can go directly to a particular shelf. But if you are looking for specific titles, please search in KARLA . If you don't find a book in our stocks, you can make a purchase suggestion via our purchase suggestion book at our issue desk (or you can use our Online Purchase Request Form). As long as the budget will allow it, we will be happy to consider your suggestions.

You can also get directly in touch with the following subject librarians:


Christa Wittrock (History, Geography) Tel.: (0561) 804-2127
Daniela Müller-Wiegand (Politics, Sociology) Tel.: (0561) 804-2115


If a book cannot be purchased, you may get it via the interlibrary loan or by using a document delivery service (more about this on our page Borrowing, Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery)

New books will be displayed for 14 days on our new acquisition shelf. The books cannot be borrowed during this period but they can be reserved.

A part of the stock is kept in Course Reserves. These items cannot be borrowed during this time, so they are available to all participants of the seminar.

The newspaper reading area also belongs to the departmental library 4, where about 30 German and international daily and weekly newspapers are available.

In case of any questions regarding the stocks or the departmental library, please ask at our information and issue desk.